Hi, I’m Erin

Through my blog I have found a great passion for event planning! Since I have a great love for planning events, I would love to help you plan yours. I believe that every moment is eventful and should be made to feel special.

Email me at if you would like my help planning! I have sample plan deck attached under my Eventful Erin section:)

Heres’s some more about me!!

I am a college graduate who has a great passion for traveling the world while also living a sustainable lifestyle. Being eco-friendly has always been one of my main passions which led me to study Environmental Studies. 

I’ve had to balance traveling and schoolwork since I was a freshman in college. I want to share what I have learned throughout my life and hopefully help others. Before every trip I always do thorough research and make an organized itinerary. The purpose of my blog is to help others learn from my experiences so they are able to travel cost effective and timely while also living a sustainable lifestyle.

Under the “Travel” category I will provide insight on different places around the world. I will also include the best places to eat, stay and visit. Under my “Daily Life” I will give creative and fun ideas for a variety of different events. This will include themed cocktail recipes, appetizers and charcuterie boards. Lastly under my “Eco-friendly” blog category I will encourage you to be more green by showing easy sustainable practices to implement.

Hope you enjoy!