Best Rooftops in Florence Italy

Below are my favorite rooftop bars/restaurants in Florence Italy!

  1. B Roof at Hotel Baglioni:

If you are going to go anywhere in Florence you have to go to B-Roof!

However, be aware that it is difficult to find because of the tricky doors. If you go you will understand what I mean because the doors look like something you would see in an FBI building. This restaurant has the absolute BEST views of Florence and the nicest service. I recommend making a reservation online where you are able to request a view. Making a reservation was so simple and you can include any dietary restrictions. The restaurant was empty when we went because it was the middle of the day (around 12:30 when it opened). I’m assuming if it’s later in the day you may not get a table with a direct window view during sunset/night. 

We got to try food we had never had before and it was served so beautifully. 

This rooftop bar was where we got our favorite cocktail of the entire trip! The Lavender cocktail is absolutely amazing but not as good as the breathtaking view. From this rooftop, you are able to see breathtaking views of the Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, Santa Croce. The rooftop was never busy and always had amazing service. However, the front desk staff was not very welcoming both times we went. Also, you will have to leave a passport at the desk!

This hotel is stunning from the lobby all the way up to the rooftop. We didn’t make a reservation and the seating was fairly open. The service was amazing and everyone was so kind. We each got a fun cocktail and split a shrimp mango salad. We were able to watch the beginning of the sunset from here. On the patio, there was a great view of Florence and the Arno River. You are free and welcome to walk around outside on the terrace. 

4. Conteinetale Lugarno Collection:

On our walk back from the Westin Excelsior Florence we decided to stop by this other rooftop spot that I had found. Be aware that google maps takes you to a day alley for this location but the entrance is on the street! This bar is small and very popular but they were able to seat us! We each got a drink here as well (at $20 per drink). We watched the sunset from this view which overlooked the Ponte Vecchio and the Arno River. Not my favorite rooftop we went to but I think having a seat with a view would have changed the experience for us!

This was the hotel we stayed at our first time in Florence. Unfortunately, we were not able to go back on this trip but I wanted to include it in this blog post because it has amazing views of the city. Not all of these rooftops have food but this restaurant had an amazing lunch. It’s so funny looking back at old pictures and seeing how fast time does fly by!

If you are looking for a hotel to stay at this is the place! It has a great view along the river and is in walking distance of everything.

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