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Alice and Wonderland Example Event Mood Board:

The reason I chose Alice and Wonderland for my example mood board is because it is a broad theme. This theme can be used for a 21st birthday, baby/bridal shower, kids birthday or even a spring tea party. If you need help thinking of themes I have a SO MANY ideas I would love to share. Thinking of party/event ideas has become a hobby of mine! Down below is what I would send for your themed event.

Decor Inspiration:

I wanted to share the inspiration for a more mature Alice and Wonderland themed event. These images I gathered show what I would picture for an event I would do for myself. For your events decorations I will have a word document with links from Etsy/Amazon. This way you are able to click the link to order easily. If you would prefer, I can order the decorations for you to help take that stress away. We can discuss further on how to go about it:)

Drink & Food Inspiration:

This is the food and drink inspiration I have collected for this themed event. I can help plan any meal of the day, appetizers, drinks etc. Anything you want for your event! The drink/food recipes will be a part of the mood board that I will send over to you. If you would prefer not to cook, we can discuss local catering options that I can help arrange! I am not a catering company but I would love to find local companies in your area! Sometimes the logistics of setting up can be challenging so I can help execute the correct layout for your space (kitchen, table, picnic, porch, backyard etc.). Basically anything needed!

Kids Party Inspiration:

Because I got my creativeness from my mom, this is an example of what every event growing up looked like. I have an array of ideas on how to make any birthday, holiday or celebration kid friendly! For kids parties, I can help discuss themed activities, desserts, goodie bags etc.

Themed Alice and Wonderland Cocktails

One of my favorite things to do is find different cocktail recipes according to the theme of my events. If you would like cocktails or mocktails at your event I can send over a variety of different options according to theme and preference! Below are some cocktail recipes and names for Alice and Wonderland! Themed cocktail nights are fun for birthdays, girls nights and 21st birthdays!

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