Food in Florence

I was able to try so many amazing places in Florence while I was staying there for three weeks! I wanted to share some of my recommendations below.

Food with a View:

1. Golden View Open Bar: 

This restaurant had the absolute best atmosphere and a stunning view. We loved it so much that we made a reservation and went back once my mom came to town! They also had just renovated and reopened so everything looked brand new! If you make a reservation ahead of time and ask for a view they will provide it! We got a bottle of wine and the charcuterie board (I believe ours was called the “6 cheeses”). They had gluten-free bread available for the board. Each time we went it was during sunset so it was so enjoyable to watch the boats along the river as the day turned to night. This is also located right by the Ponte Vecchio and has a great view of this historic bridge! 2.

2. Mister Pizza:

This was one of my favorite restaurants in Florence. I found this place using the app “Find me GF”. If you are gluten-free, this app is so helpful for locating restaurants. It looks up all gluten-free options in your area and lists out what they have available at each restaurant. There were multiple locations for Mister Pizza so we chose the one right next to the Duomo. It was such a stunning view and the square was full of life at night. There was live music nearby and the temperature had cooled off so we were able to eat outside. I was able to get a gluten-free beer and got my own gluten-free pizza. They also had vegan cheese options which were great! However, I chose no cheese which is my typical weird pizza order. This was literally the best gluten-free pizza I have ever had, and I have had a LOT of gluten-free pizza in my life. They also have non-gluten-free pizza obviously but if you are in Florence you have to stop by! The pizza does take around 40 minutes but the food and the view are worth the wait!

3. Gilli:

This restaurant offered an assortment of both Italian and American food. I ordered a burger along with a great fruity drink. It overlooks a plaza with a carousel. My best recommendation would be to come at night or during sunset. We went right in the middle of the day when everything was busy! They also had gluten-free bread available!

Piazza Della Passera

1. 5 e Cinque:

This vegan restaurant is located in a small area where we hung out most of our trip. It was one street from our Airbnb and had an oyster restaurant, pizza restaurant, wine bar, and then this vegan restaurant. The owner of this restaurant did not like us from the start but warmed up to us as we continued to go. The restaurant is very comfortable and had outstanding vegan food!! The menu is in full Italian and he was happy to explain each item on the menu. We ordered the chickpea patties (which were amazing!!) and then the couscous salad. I am not vegan but there were so many great options on this menu. We went multiple times and I got the same thing every time because I loved it so much!

2. Osteria del Pavone:

This was one of the first restaurants we went to after being recommended by our top guide! This was our first night trying a spritz so it was memorable.

3. Osteria Tripperia II Magazzino

We stopped here a couple times a week to have grab wine, bread and cheese. Our favorite was the cheeseboard with the fresh cut pears.


1. Ditta Artigianale:

One morning we were on the hunt for a gluten free bakery that I had found and happened upon this busy restaurant! We ended up stopping here and it became our favorite breakfast place of the whole trip! They had so many great breakfast options including gluten free avocado toast. This was probably my favorite gluten free bread the entire trip! They also had a salted carmel oat milk latte that was AMAZING! The restaurant is very busy but we took our food and coffee to go each time. It is in an alleyway near a bunch of restaurants but I recommend to stop by even for a coffee.

2. Shake Cafe:

I loved indulging in all the food that Florence had to offer but since I am gluten and dairy free there were times I craved some normalcy from things I normally eat. One morning we were walking to go get coffee and we rally passed this cafe that was filled with plants and music. We decided to stop by and it had all of our favorite foods. They had avocado toast, acai bowls, sandwiches, juices and salads— with gluten free and vegan options! We were also excited because they were one of the only places we found oat milk lattes which is our favorite kind of coffee. 

3. Base V Juicery: 

I love having a juice in the mornings to start my day! There are multiple locations but we found this place right near our Airbnb. Each morning we would stop in and grab a juice and a ginger shot! Everyone is very friendly and if you need a refreshment near the Ponte Vecchio this is your place!


1. Gelateria Santa Trinita:

This gelato place was so memorable from our first trip that we made an effort to go back and enjoy it! This Gelateria is right next to the bridge: Ponte Santa Tinita, that has a great view of the Ponte Vecchio. We tried to stay away from using the Ponte Vecchio even though it was close to our place because it was extremely busy during the days. You could barely walk across the bridge from 11am -5pm….This gelato place had vegan options and GLUTEN FREE CONES. I was in heaven! We enjoyed our gelato along the bridge which was so fun! Highly recommend coming here to watch the sunset with your gelato!

Again the bridge is called Ponte Santa Tinita where we actually stopped to relax and take more pictures

2. La Strega Nacciola-Geletaria Artigianle: 

We got this gelato late one night after exploring the streets of Florence. It had the absolute best dairy-free chocolate gelato. The service was amazing and we went back for more immediately after eating our first cup!

Coffee Shops:

These coffee shops we did not get a chance to stop by but from my research they look cute and great! If you go to any of these let me know how they are:)

  1. La Milkeria
  2. La Menagare 
  3. Santarosa Bistro

I researched so many different places for us to eat in Florence that it was impossible to try them all! I wanted to include these below because the reviews were all outstanding. They also have Gluten-Free and Dairy Free options:)

  1. Circo and Sons
  2. #RAW: all Vegan
  3. Crepapelle: Vegan Crepe place with smoothies and salads
  4. Ristoranta Quiona: 100% Gluten Free, hidden in alleyway
  5. Osteria Cipolla Rossa: Best gluten free bread
  6. 1950 American Diner: Gluten-Free American Food
  7. Lorenzo di Medici: Gluten Free Lasagna 
  8. Ristorante Konnubio Firenze: Ask for a separate vegan menu, has vegan soup
  9. La Capanna: Vegan and Gluten-Free Pizza
  10. Universo Vegano: Vegan Sandwiches and Desserts
  11. Veggy Days: Vegan Fast Food Restaurant within an Art Gallery
  12. Veg and Veg: Veggie Burgers

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