Positano Itinerary

Staying in Positano was my favorite part of the entire trip not only because my mom flew over to join us, but because this place is simply magical. Her trip over to Italy was an actual nightmare and resulted in her being delayed 2 days and having no luggage for her time in Amalfi but we were still able to have such an amazing time!

We took the train all together from Florence to Naples. In Naples we scheduled a driver to pick us up and take us to our hotel in Positano. When things are very unfamiliar or confusing it is worth the extra money to have a driver. Our driver was a wealth of knowledge and made the drive along the coast so fun. We scheduled him through Astarita Car Service. He even stopped at this amazing lemon stand that had a breathtaking view. At this stand, we bought a variety of lemon pasta, sauce and got to hold a lemon as big as our head. This was just the start to a dream of a trip!!

Hotel Poseidon:

I cannot emphasize enough how absolutely amazing this hotel was. From the moment u walk in you feel like it is straight out of a movie. It is on the pricey side but worth every penny!! We ate almost every meal here at the ll Tridente restaurant because the view and the food were so so good. We also were there for a short time and wanted to enjoy the views from our place as much as possible.

Like the view from our room….

We walked into the town the first evening and wandered into the shops. My mom had to also get a whole new wardrobe for the trip. The restaurant in the hotel was were we ate each meal! The happy hour appetizers were almost as great as the view….

I think out of all the meals at the hotel, breakfast was my favorite part. The breakfast buffet is included with the room. It has fresh fruit, pastries, omelet bar, waffle bar and even unlimited mimosas/bloody marys. The coffee was also amazing! 

Sunset Tour:

The sunset tour was probably my favorite thing we did while we were in Positano. We boarded on the boat down at the pier (after descending down over 350 stairs). The people on our tour were so nice and friendly which made the experience! The tour provided unlimited prosecco and snacks. We cruised around as the sunset in front of us and it was truly breathtaking.

Ellie and I were able to change and go swimming for a little bit!

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Private Boat Tour:

The next day we had scheduled a 4-hour private boat tour during the day. We decided to book the private one because then we could revisit the locations we had liked the day before. Unfortunately, I got very boat sick on this tour but took some Dramamine and was able to be revived. 

We were able to see such beautiful locations from the water and drove all along the Amalfi Coast. Stunning! The only complaint my mom and I had was on the tour description it had said unlimited wine and beer for the private tour. There was only one bottle of champagne and 2 beers so the driver stopped and we bought our own wine. Still confused about that but it was such a fun day once I started feeling better.

We were able to pull over and swim for a bit also which was breathtaking!

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Sorrento Farm and Food Experience:

On our way out from Positano we stopped in Sorrento for a night! Since all three of us have an obsession with lemons we were stoked that there was a tour that involved visiting the largest lemon orchard in the area. 

The lemon grove tour was so interesting! We were able to walk through the lemon orchard where there were over 1800 trees, all perfectly in order with lots of lemons ready to be picked. It is currently run by the fourth generation of the orginal family.  We got to try fresh lemonade and limoncello. 

Next up on this tour we visited a neighboring farm where everything is farm to table. They grow their own olive trees and produce top of the line olive oils for the area.  We were able to sample an assortment of olive oils. My favorite was the pepper olive oil so I bought one to bring home!

This farm also is known for making cheese that is so important in the Italian culture. Our tour guide also showed us how to make authentic mozzarella cheese that he whipped up in minutes as well ricotta that is basically the same cheese but aged 2 hours. The best part was we got to sample it! It was a really cool learning experience for sure.

We also got to burn around in this little van!

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