Twilight Saga Filming Locations

This truly was one of my favorite trips that I have gone on in a while. Not only were the locations so surreal but everything went so smoothly and almost effortlessly. I wanted to share the locations below in case you are in Portland and want to see the real locations from the Twilight Saga. Most of these locations are highlighted throughout all the movies.

Also visiting the true Forks, Washington is different than visiting the locations in Oregon. Forks Washington has props from the movie and the sign for Forks but this was the town the Twilight series was based off of rather than filmed at. I wanted to clarify because I got confused at first while planning this trip.

Carver Cafe: 16471 S.E. Highway 224, Damascus, OR

This was the first stop of our trip and was one of my favorites. Unfortunately getting our rental car took longer then we expected so we ended up getting there right as the restaurant was closing (Closes at 2pm). However the owner was very nice and still let us come inside and see right where Charlie and Bella had their meals!

Also a three minute drive down up the hill is where a lot of the scenes in the forest where filmed which was really cool!

St Helens: Around a 50 minute drive from Portland

Swan House: 184 S 6th St, Saint Helens, OR

Obviously this was one of the best locations because the house is truly iconic. There is a parking lot at the bottom of the hill of the house where you can park and walk up. Bella’s house is actually rented out as an airbnb and decorated exactly like the movie…. like what. However the airbnb is booked for years soo! 

Parking Lot, Alley and Thunderbird & Whale Bookstore: 260 S 2nd St, Saint Helens, OR

So my best advice to see all of these scenes is by going straight to the parking lot. The parking lot is where Bella was harassed by the group of guys before Edwards whipped in his car to save them. From this parking lot you can see the alley she walked through and the bookstore where she bought the book about the legends. The bookstore looks very different (has blue shutters…? if that helps?) Not my favorite location we saw but still very cool to see! Also this was literally 2 minutes from Bella’s house.

Bloated Toad Restaurant: 330 S 1st St, Saint Helens, OR

This is also very close to both the parking lot and Bella’s House. It looks similar but also very different compared to the movie. It is now an attorneys office but they still have cut out of Edward, Bella and Jacob in the front windows. This is the scene where Bella and Edward run into Jessica and Angela as they are leaving the restaurant. If you are in St. Helens you might as well stop by!

Petite Jolie – Angel Hair Salon: 251 S 1st St, Saint Helens, OR

This was also right next to Bella’s House and the Bloated Toad Restaurant! This is the store where Bella and her friends go prom dress shopping. The store is now a gift shop and you can see the exact window where everything was filmed!

Also if you visit during October you can also see where Halloweentown was filmed! The whole square is decorated!

Kalama, Oregon: 45 minutes from St. Helens

Kalama High School

So this location took us a second to find and honestly felt very weird to visit because school was in session. I don’t necessarily recommend this one as much as the others but if you do end up going, maps takes you to the new building of the high school but Twilight was filmed in the staff parking which is on the other side of the hill! This was also very cool to see in person but not sure how okay the school is with twilight fans wondering around….

Cannon Beach

La Push baby!!

Cannon Beach was absolutely stunning and I know for a fact I have to come back one day. Sadly we only stayed one night…but we drove in right as the sun was setting and it was breath taking.

The hotel we stayed in was so comfortable and had breakfast the next morning. It looked like a little cottage and was 2 blocks from the water…. the hotel is called “Inn at Cannon Beach”!

Portland Locations:

 Cullen House: 3333 NW Quimby St., Portland, OR

So this was actually the last place we stopped and it was absolutely breath taking. We wanted to be careful and respectful because through my research I had learned that the owner did not like people on her property. (Apparently she chases people to their car..?) While looking for this house we accidentally pulled right into the driveway. We literally all screamed in shock because we were not expecting it to be right there. Before whipping out of there I snapped a picture.

Ballet Studio: 16471 S.E. Highway 224, Damascus, OR

So we actually did not end up going to this location because of our flight but if you are in Portland this would be a cool stop! It is only the outside of the ballet studio, unfortunately, not the inside which was filmed somewhere else.

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